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You may only reproduce photographs and diagrams from the “Images” portion of the site which are clearly labelled with a Creative Commons Licence. This does not include diagrams or photographs used in the tutorials. Any material from the “Images” section may be used for non-profit use. All pictures are copyright of their respective artists. An acknowledgement to the artist and this site is required if you use a photograph or diagram. If the photograph or picture is used on a website, then a link to this site is required in additional to an acknowledgement. You must not link directly to the images on this site. Download them and store them on your own web space to display them. If in doubt, please contact us.

The rules that are used on the forums are as follows:
1. Threads that are located in the inappropriate forum will either be closed or moved.

2. DiStOrTeD TeXt and text in CAPITALS should be avoided. Also text and kewl talk are to be avoided – that includes text using numbers and letters (example: 4 u 2, gr8, l8r, etc.). This is to enable our non-english speaking members to fully understand what is being said.

3. Please be respectful of all members of the posting community. Abuse of this rule will not be tolerated by the site staff.

4. Use the search function to check if the topic you wish to discuss already exists. If not, go ahead and create a new topic. Multiple topics will be closed, merged, or deleted.

5. Create topics with clear topic titles indicative of the content within. When posting, please keep to the topic of the thread as much as possible. Threads that stray too far from the topic will be closed or brought back on subject by the moderator.

6. Offensive, obscene and profane language should be avoided. This site is advertised on homework help sites and as such may be viewed by minors.

7. Signatures should not be too large. If this is the case, the site administrator will ask you to change your signature.

8. Please remember that if you have too many PMs stored, you will not be able to receive any incoming PMs. Please keep your total amount of PMs to a minimum, allowing the administrator and moderators to PM you if needed. The limits are: 25 in your Inbox and 100 in your saved messages and sent item boxes.

9. When posting any news articles, include a link to the site that it was taken from. Copying portions of text from other websites may infringe copyright laws and could result in this site being closed down.

10. Avoid posting images that reside on another site. Either post a link to the page that the image is on or download the picture to your computer and post it using the image posting facility on GeologyRocks. The practice of including images in this way is called hotlinking and is essentially stealing, as you are using thier bandwidth, which they have paid for. Any posts linking directly to images on other sites (other than your own homespace) will be edited to remove the image or deleted.

11. Spamming will not be tolerated, and will be deleted. Spamming includes, but is not restricted to, any post that is made solely to increase your post count such as only posting smilies, one or two word posts, or posting a reply when one is not required. The moderators are the sole judge of what is considered spamming. Please also refrain from double posting; use the ‘edit post’ button where needed. If you wish to thank people for something they’ve posted, send them a pm or include a thank-you with other comments. Posts that simply say “thank you” may be deleted.

12. Multiple registrations are not allowed and duplicate registrations will be deleted.

13. Accounts not activated within 28 days of registering will be deleted.

14. The classified section is for advertising geological related events and private sellers only. Any companies selling items or advertising here will have their messages and accounts deleted. Individuals wishing to trade/sell second-hand geology-related items may do so at their own risk. GeologyRocks accepts no responsibility for the actions of buyers or sellers. Advertisements of this type may be posted but any further correspondence between buyers and sellers must be conducted via other methods. GeologyRocks reserves the right to delete any content that the moderators consider to be an infringement of this rule.

15. Please be tolerant of people’s ideas in all forums, especially in the Non-conventional Ideas forum. If you think you can explain where posters are going wrong, then please do so. Equally, if putting forward an idea, don’t be offended if it turns out to be wrong or if people disagree with you. Accept advice and do not resort to name calling. Be polite at all times as it is easy to take offence when reading somebody else’s opinions and thoughts. Re-reading your post before posting to check that nothing could be construed as offensive would be a good idea. Note that other threads may get moved here if the moderators feel they are departing from conventional geology. Again, this is at the discretion of the moderators and their decision is final.

16. If you are putting forward an idea; evidence is key. Use reliable sources, i.e. journal papers, technical reports, conference proceedings or abstracts. Do not just quote any old website.