Sulphur on Vesicular Rocks
  • Location: Milos Island, Aegean Sea
  • Date Taken (dd-mm-yy): 23-10-2005

Native sulphur on a vesicular rock.

Tongue and Flame Structures
  • Location: Pembrokeshire coast, Wales
  • Date Taken (dd-mm-yy): 23-03-2005

Tounge and flame structures caused by deformation of soft sediment.

Igneous Intrusion
  • Location: Porth Clais, Wales
  • Date Taken (dd-mm-yy): 23-03-2005

Igneous intrusions into sedimentary rocks.

  • Location: Morocco
  • Date Taken (dd-mm-yy): 11-09-2005

A Moroccan Calymene sp. trilobite

Niagara Falls
  • Location: Niagara Falls, Canada
  • Date Taken (dd-mm-yy): 22-08-2005

The Horseshoe Falls at Niagara Falls. The falls are around 50m high and have eroded through Upper Ordovician and Middle Silurian shales, sandstones and dolostones. The actual height of the falls is 91m, but 40m of that is filled by the plunge pool. The view is from the Canadian side of the falls.

Two Glaciers
  • Location: Prince William Sound, Alaska, USA
  • Date Taken (dd-mm-yy): 17-06-2005

Two glaciers which join just before entering the sea. The join is picked out by the increase in sediment being carried by the glaciers. There are also numerous icebergs in the foreground.

Close Up of Glacier
  • Location: Prince William Sound, Alaska, USA
  • Date Taken (dd-mm-yy): 17-06-2005

A close up of a glacier, showing the fantastic blue colour caused by the compression of ice particles. You can also clearly see layers of sediment trapped in the ice. The photograph was taken from around a quarter of a mile from the glacier using a 3x zoom.

Hanging Valley
  • Location: Denali National Park, Alaska, USA
  • Date Taken (dd-mm-yy): 16-06-2005

This pictures shows an old hanging valley. The Glacier would have run down the valley, towards the camera, carving the classic U shape. It would have then either joined another glacier running right to left, or terminated.

Ellipsocephalus hoffi
  • Location: Jince, Czech Republic
  • Date Taken (dd-mm-yy): 22-05-2005

An assemblage of trilobites called Ellipsocephalus hoffi, Mid-Cambrian in age.

Fossil Assemblage
  • Location: Pattinswood Quarry near Ironbridge, UK
  • Date Taken (dd-mm-yy): 15-10-2004

Fossils Assemblage from the Silurian (428-423Ma) Wenlock series. The top row contains coral fragments, the second row contains brachiopod shells and the final row contains crinoid ossicles. The matchstick was added for scale.

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