GeologyRocks is a website dedicated to promoting the Geological Sciences. There is a plethora of information on the web, but a lot is not user-friendly, most is referenced incorrectly and, in some cases, it is factually incorrect. GeologyRocks aims to redress the balance by place free-to-access geological information on the web: an online textbook. We are a non-profit organisation and all proceeds from the site go into making the site better. GeologyRocks is a community site that tries to encourage a community spirit between all type of people from those that have little or no geological background to researchers in geology.

About the Authors

Dr Jon Hill

Jon's picture Jon has been a fan of rocks since A-level geology. He studied at the University of Edinburgh, obtaining a degree in Geophysics. He then went on to do a Masters degree in High Performance Computing at EPCC, Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre. Then, just for a change, he moved back to the School of GeoSciences at Edinburgh to study for a Ph.D. The Ph.D research is based around a forward model of carbonate production. He finished his PhD in 2007 and now works for EPCC, working on a wide range of projects. Jon is responsible for the coding and maintenance of the site.

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Dr Katie Davis

Fossil Expert

Katie likes her fossils. She studied A-level geology then went on to the University of Edinburgh to study Geology. She then went to Bristol University to do a Masters degree in Palaeobiology. Katie finished her Ph.D at Glasgow University in bird evolution/systematics in 2008. She has since spent some time at the British Antarctic Survey examining marine speciation events. She likes to spend many an hour looking at cladograms, trying to work out how birds and dinosaurs (extinct and not-so-extinct) are related. Katie is responsible for the day-to-day management of the site, including adding new material.

Some relevant publications:

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